Aerial Power harnesses UAV’s 
 for cleaning of solar panels 

Aerial Power Ltd is at the forefront of innovation in the field of drone technology. We are first to introduce a drone for the cleaning of solar panels. Our cleaning drone is self-flying and eases the maintenance of solar power plants.

Sandstorm before the use of the cleaning drone
Picture: Sandstorm approaching solar park (Courtesy: Aerial Power Ltd)

Our drone solution is environmentally friendly as it has lower emissions than other cleaning methods, plus is cheaper to use. It requires few staff, runs on batteries, and is easy to transport.

The waterless cleaning process of our drone is fast and cost efficient, and its operation has a light ecological impact. It can leapfrog existing cleaning technologies, especially in developing countries, due to its supreme flexibility.

Increased yield with our cleaning drone

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has its most significant contribution towards increasing the yield and viability of solar farms in arid regions of the world, where the main factor in deteriorating panel efficiency is the build up of dust on the surface of glass panels.SolarBrush LogoCleaning solar panels using our UAV technology is effective in many areas of the world, but especially so in arid regions, where the maintenance costs of panels can be slashed by up to 70%, whilst at the same time increasing energy production by up to 30% per month.

Whilst our cleaning drone is currently in development and tested in several locations around the world, we work on enhancing the drones capabilities. These will include features such as thermal inspection of the solar farm.